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The advantages of using an iPad for checkout

If you don't have an iPad you're definitely in the minority.  Mobile devices have catapulted Apple from a struggling computer manufacturer to the world's best brand.  Tablets are convenient, fun, make some tasks less complicated, and in the case of the iPad, they're easier to use.  My three year old is a pro with his iPad.

Why then, are restaurants and retail stores still using bulky computer touch screens that look like they were builtin the 1990s?  Most restaurants pay monthly or yearly subscription fees to companies such as Aloha and Micros for the privilege to use this equipment.  Those fees are typically very hefty, often in the hundreds of dollars per month.

With an iPad you can complete the transaction in front of the customer.  This creates an impressive "wow" factor.  Customers feel better about it because the credit card never leaves their sight and thus, fraud is reduced.  In addition, the staff does not have to form a line at one of two or three stations.  The cost of a "station" is much less with an iPad.  You can show the customer product pictures (or drinks, or food) with an iPad.

Speaking of stations, iPad point of sale products can print to receipt printers and kitchen printers wirelessly.  Most customers today would prefer to have an email receipt, believe it or not.  This is something I never thought I would agree to, but let's face it, it's easier to archive receipts that way.  You can't email receipts with most traditional systems.

The level of customer service goes up in large amounts with an iPad where the customer sits or stands.  Wait times are reduced for both sides (need to flip that restaurant table faster on a busy night?) and the customer feels more important.

With an iPad, the cost of a POS (point of sale) station is less, it's more convenient for both parties, and your store or restaurant looks modern and gains a more polished edge in a market that is both highly competitive and hungry for something different.  Why are you still using your overpriced dinosaur?  Give us a call or drop us an email.  You can also read more about our specific products here and you can even sign up for a FREE iPad retail demo here.  If you have a bar or restaurant, we need to know a little more but can still get you a demo.  
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