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How to run restaurant sales from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch

With the increasing costs of restaurant point of sale equipment and the demand from customers to be more accommodating, more and more food service establishments are looking to upgrade their technology. Modern solutions offer the ability to manage reservations, take out, bar tabs, orders, kitchen displays, multi-language translation and sales transactions at the customer’s table. All of this can be done on a single iPad. If you add multiple iOS devices to the restaurant, they can all work together.

Say you have a host stand where customers can make reservations. Not only can the host greet the customer, but that can order a drink and have it ready at the bar while the customer waits. Now let’s say that customer wants to browse through a menu card full of souvenir items while sitting at the bar. An iPad will not only handle this but allow the customer to order a T-Shirt, which can be added to the total ticket and deliver with the doggie box at the end of the meal. Of course, the server will never leave the customer’s sight with payment cards, as the transaction is closed at the customer’s table with a built in credit card reader.

Modern equipment not only makes the above story a reality, but in most cases it costs less to accomplish this than what the restaurant currently pays for traditional equipment. If you have an interest in learning more,
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