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Mobile payments are no longer optional

Mobile payments were once a key differentiator but have now become standard.  They are expected.  If your company does not offer convenient payment options, you WILL loose business and customers. 

The payment industry is investing heavily in modern payment solutions.  The biggest reason is because customers demand it. The audit firm PWC says that there’s $20 billion in mobile payment revenue.  Still think it’s a fad?  Not main stream enough for your company to invest? They project that the number will grow to
$214 billion in three years.

They also make a very important point about the changing times:  companies that don’t adapt will loose revenue.  Brand erosion could weaken your company’s image, which means customers will think less of your company because it didn’t do the equivalent of keeping a fresh coat of paint on the walls.

We can help you with the process of adding mobile payments or using iPads as cash registers.
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