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Thank You

     With 2015 behind us, I want to take a moment to thank you for being a customer.  Our business model is designed to succeed by helping our customers succeed.  We are thankful to have you as a customer.  In return, I want to offer you something.

     The Alan Group has a reputation in the financial industry of being THE technical expert resource to help bankers and merchants solve challenges.  In 20 years of business, we have never charged for consultations or for expert advice.  Our goal is to make you successful. Many of you are not aware of this resource.  For this reason, I'm creating a regular email message.  It will be very infrequent.  Roughly one per month.  If I can help even a small group of you to grow through my strategies for best practices or ways to improve your methods, it’s worth it.

If you would like to receive a copy of this column in your inbox, use this link.

Getting paid on the go
     This month’s expert advice comes in the form of a tip.  Did you know that you can process payments on your mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android) with an Authorize.net account?  Most of you already have an Authorize.net account, and if you do, there’s absolutely no extra charge to use the mobile app to process payments.  It’s already included with your account.  If your business or charity collects payments at public events or trade shows, this is a great way to handle payments quickly. You can even send email receipts to your customers during checkout. The full instructions for setting up the Authorize.net mobile app can be found here for iOS: http://www.authorize.net/support/iosuserguide.pdf and here for Android: http://www.authorize.net/support/androiduserguide.pdf
Of course, you’re welcome to call or email us if you need a mobile card reader or just need help.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you in 2015.  If you have questions, need help with your credit card or electronic check processing, web shopping cart or point of sale system you are welcome to call or email any time.

I wish the best of success to you in 2016.
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